Coaching and Mediation

Contact us about your long term individual and family life coaching needs.  We will provide a detailed explanation of services as well as a fee schedule. 

Empowering  School Campus Advocates for Peaceful Education (E.S.C.A.P.E.).  We will provide a mediator to facilitate a conversation with end agreements (Memos of Understanding) ready to sign within 72 hours.  Parties must be represented by at least one adult.  If for example school personnel and student/family are at odds in the case of a dispute involving discrimination, AGenda Benda can mediate.  The first session is at no charge.  Follow-up meetings are charged at a rate of $70/conference hour, payable prior to the time the conference begins. 

As soon as we secure adequate financial support (read: grant) for this effort, we can provide it more frequently and more broadly. 

Schools or students and their families may request this service, even for circumstances that involve only two students/families, outside of school.  Again, we will provide a detailed explanation of services as well as a fee schedule.

Free Assessment and Referral

We don't know everything, but we know a lot, especially about services and opportunities local to the Atlanta Metro and Washington, DC metro areas.  We are building a network of service-providers to whom we can directly refer, knowing they will bring their best to bear on those we send.  Granted, with not-for-profits and other businesses, their "best" might not, alone, be sufficient to solve your mental health, medical, spiritual, social or legal needs.  So, we need your feedback every time.  It's one of the ways we "shop" the agencies to learn how different people experience them, and then help the system work better.  It's a circle and you're a vital piece of it.

People on whom we focus resources:

  • People of color parenting singly (or any single parent going through a crisis loss regarding their child)
  • Masculine-identified women and their immediate families
  • Adolescent and Adult Survivors of Bullying (Psychological or Physical) and/or Sexual Assault
  • Multiracial children, interfaith or interracial families in Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Queer and Questioning communities

Because AGenda Benda Justice offers Assessment and Referral service at no charge, we provide few direct (professional) service past the point of referral.  We do, however, contact clients to follow-up. 


Grant and trust support opportunities are certainly here.

We also appreciate volunteers and citizen donations, as transportation costs are a major expense for this category.



Programs and Speakers

To make a reservation and learn about fees, give us a call:  404-210-2354

Speakers we enlist are as follows:

Anti-Bullying Interventions using the E.S.C.A.P.E. Model - Cole Thomas and staff

An Ethnocentric Journey using "No 'Buts'.  Just 'So'." Meta-dialogue - Cole Thomas and staff

Art Activism - Tee Jay Johnson and Cole Thomas

The Basic Interview (for Bois) - Akemi Hunter

Breast Cancer Prevention/Intervention (for Bois) - Bobbie Dyce

Coping Considerations for Brown M-O-C. Women - Adrienne M. Thomas or  Olivia "Dr. Libby" Copeland

Domestic Violence Prevention/Intervention - Imani Evans

Establishing Boundaries and Limitations - Olivia "Dr. Libby" Copeland

Legal Considerations for LGBTQ Parents - Holiday Simmons

LYING in BED, The Play - SPW

Parenting the Second Queer Generation - Julie and Juliet Corbitt

P.O.C. Parenting Singly - Cole Thomas

Protecting ourselves and our children from Human Traffickers - Mona Stephens

Spirituality and "The Gay" - Blake Feagin or Gwen Thomas

Step-Parenting 101 - ABGWC, Inc.

Other Programs include our  D.R.I.V.E.R. Program (for mentorees), our Healthy Bois t-shirt prizes, and our 2010 International LGBTQ Healthcare Awareness Ribbon Launch, and numerous collaborative efforts with local, national, and international organizations and celebrities.

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