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AGenda Benda Justice advocates and facilitates:

  • Research on cross-cultural, meta dialogue that aides families, schools, communities & agencies in reaching common goals for education & social justice (e.g., anti-racism, student conflict resolution, or human trafficking education/prevention).

  • Participation in unique coalitions and collaboration efforts which enable affected people themselves to build the capacity to navigate social justice stumbling blocks or chasms, with skill and dignity –  “Theater of the Oppressed” style events, VIGIL Zine salons are two artistic methods of community engagement.

  • Raising LGBTIQ Healthcare Awareness, especially among peoples of color

  • Training for student trainers for the reduction of the perpetration of physical, psychological, and sexual violence

  • Developing an objective, neighborhood policing strategy for allegations of sexual assault by authority figures AND the institutionalized, largely patriarchal culture of cover-ups that perpetuate this problem


AGenda Benda Justice champions no particular group.  Still, we recognize that some of our human brothers, sisters and two-spirited folk are more likely to be negatively targeted because of what they are, what they haven’t got, the identity they embrace and hold dear, and/or their abilities.

Thus, we want to help to facilitate the intervention and recovery of children and adults who were bullied or who felt psychologically stripped of their dignity.  We want to run interference (or even errands!) for tho uninsured widower with M.S., children to care for, and no luck getting his SS Disability approved.  We want to bear witness to stories of employed black couples -gay or het- whose insurance premiums are simply beyond their income level.  We want to explore and improve what brown bois’ experience at the doctor’s office that makes the thought of going back feel shameful or humiliating; so, many don’t return… until it’s too late.

Training for students for the reduction of physical, psychological, and sexual violence between siblings and between students is a vital initiative that could save lives and spirits.  Funding this training is an amazing corporate or trust funding opporunity.  It is part of a semi-annual, day conference for faculty and paraprofessionals on speaking with youth informally, not only about physical violence, but also the systemic violence that fuels disparities in a society of privilege

AGenda Benda Justice wants to help you discover the inside stories of organizations serving side-lined and marginalized citizens, to understand how politics of class, race, sexual orientation, and gender expression impact who is targeted for care and who is funded for research and treatment – medical and otherwise.  Other research will investigate the characteristics of families who embrace and support LGBTQ sons’ and daughters’ sexual orientation, sexual identity and gender expression, even if the gender is fluid.  Finally, we seek funding for a study of conversation patterns, specifically the use of “so” in place of “but” in many instances.  This is determine if the replacement helps to recover a conversation that may have reached an impasse.  As mediators and conflict resolution workers, this is one possible, free yet powerful intervention.

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