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BOIS NEXT DOOR on websiteNEW on the Bois Next Door Group page on Facebook:  What feelings do lesbians with varied (between masculine and feminine appearances) stir in you?  We are not exploring feelings of the romantic nature, unless a member finds that scenario or presentation to be her preference.  We are discussing knee-jerk, socially reinforced, homohomophobia.  Yes.  Because the moderator has a particular struggle with it on occasion, who better to stir the highly controversial waters around “gay” bois.  Keeps the standing water from getting dusty and stale.  If you aren’t catching on here, this is probably not for you.


Who saw pics from the June 1, 2013 Bois Next Door meeting at Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA?  We got shirts in through a shirt exchange with Lambda Tri Club at GPC.  Here you are:photo(7) BOIS NEXT DOOR shirts

LGBTIQ International Healthcare Ribbon

LGBTIQ International Healthcare Ribbon




March 16th  2013:  Will you attend? Spread the word!! Repost this link. Thanks, Man.



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