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International LGBTQ Healthcare Awareness Ribbon

International LGBTQ Healthcare Awareness Ribbon

Happy November holidays.  THANKFULLY I am so excited to have just begun the download of the new, 300-page Association of American Medical Colleges report on delivering healthcare more effectively to transgender, gay, lesbian, and bi/omnisexual Americans!  When I have an opportunity to read the executive summary, I will add more.

What research is AGenda Benda Justice, Inc. hoping to find?  Implementable strategies related to

  •  Culture-bound syndromes and remedies (sound commentary on the cultural intersectionality of potential patients an impact on treatment)
  • Accessibility studies that have looked at what outside factor keep patients from ever becoming patients and what organizational characteristics make access more difficult if the patient gets to the door.
  • GLMA’s Lesbian Health Fund for SMW
  • “Hi, I am a well-educated, differently-abled, low-income-earning, butch dyke of color.  Can you fit me in?”:  Accommodating Intersectionality
  • Sexual and gender minority inclusivity and competence
  • Anti-racism in policy and practice
  • Affordable, alternative medicine and wellness  PLEASE SIGN OUR RIBBON PETITION TODAY






Former USA President Jimmy Carter just turned 90.  Ninety years old.

His civil service has neither slowed nor faltered, and he, his wife, and his foundation are doing a lot of good domestically and internationally.  For example, I’ll bet you can’t name two other old, southern, white men who are THIS “out” about  their outrage at the subjugation of women!

Yesterday, Georgia Public Media aired a recent interview with President and Mrs. Carter, complete with footage going back over the decades, and they were astounding!  When it is on the website, even an excerpt, I will post it here.

Happy Birthday, Former President Carter, and you and Mrs. Carter did a great thing by teaching villagers on the other side of the world to filter their water and prevent Guinea Worm hosting/infection.  Generations will know your name.






This week’s recommended reading:


Founder’s comments:  A no-brainer here.  If my religion dictates that people should stop having children after the first two and I control insurance coverage at my company, no one can compel me to cover an employee who is pregnant with her third child (or to cover that child’s father if he is the primary insured).  Nope.  Doesn’t fly; does it?  It’s a wrap.


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