Nationwide & International

Health & Human Services

Located in Norcross, GA (USA),

AGenda Benda Justice, Inc.

champions two international causes:

(1) The promotion of safe and accessible healthcare for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (formerly Transsexual), Intersex, Queer & Questioning people of all ages, especially those who are outside of the mainstream and marginalized due to a double, triple, or quad minority  status.  The ribbon, designed by artist & Founder, Cole Thomas, begin as a painted ceramic piece and morphed into this highly recognizable symbol of LGBTIQ healthcare awareness and access.

*We are seeking a graphic artist to design labels, patches, and a logo bearing this exact ribbon!  Inquire at – Attn. Suzette

LGBTIQ International Healthcare Ribbon

LGBTIQ International Healthcare Ribbon Tee                $19+$4 shipping

marriage equality flag


(2) The second is bringing weekly attention to the reality that vulnerable populations of teens and people of all ages -whether involved in high risk behavior or not- may be reported as runaways when they are in fact missing as a consequence of abduction, human trafficking and enslavement.   We seek to keep the possibility of abduction present possibility in the minds of the public, especially in areas like the Atlanta metro area where cases of child/human trafficking -outside of the institution of prostitution for individual profit- are known to be high.  We sell tees to individuals and organizations, and while we’re still raising funds to obtain our 501(c) 3 certification, we count on your kindness and your vision to purchase from us even though your contributions are not yet tax exempt. 

 $25+$4 shipping – Black Tee (ships free in Jan and April of every year)

slavery 21st Century Shirt



Please make your payment today using PayPal and pay to Include your item requests and contact info in the notes section. Then, email us and alert us so that we can get you processed quickly and your order on its way.

Thank you for empowering our mission,

Cole and the AGenda Benda Justice, Inc. Team

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