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TNGLTF holds its annual conference, Creating Change, at the beginning of each year, bringing together some of the most resourceful and powerful stakeholders for justice, anti-racism, health, safety, and appropriate access in the LGBTIQQAA communities.  Please send a representative from AGenda Benda Justice, Inc. by donating in any amount to through PayPal.  Leave contact information and we will list your name and enter your name for a February 1st drawing for 8% of the amount raised in this campaign!  Thank you!

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Hoping to invest, sponsor, or otherwise back  LYING in BED – the play Project or

our public awareness campaign Eradicating Human Trafficking at the Local Level?

Please visit:

Thank you from the the director, cast, crew, and playwright of#LYINGinBEDtheplay

You see them all over:

Our Eradicate Human Trafficking shirts

And our International LGBTQ Healthcare Awareness Ribbon gifts & shirts!

Black tee $25

slavery 21st Century Shirt

LGBTIQ International Healthcare Ribbon

LGBTIQ International Healthcare Ribbon

And that means not only are we getting the word out, but also you are vital in accomplishing the mission!

Here’s how you ♥art lovers,♥ social justice activists, ♥advocates for human rights, ♥marriage equality lobbyists, ♥HIV research advocates, ♥anti-racism trainers, and ♥LGBTQ healthcare professionals

(yes we mean that both ways)

can provide us the infrastructure to do more, in a wider territory and faster:

  • Attend or buy a $50, $500, or $5000 ticket block for the 4/5/14 Atlanta, GA (USA) Midtown performance of the EDUtainment play LYING in BED written by Cole Thomas and directed by TeeJay Johnson.  Please PayPal your payment or contribution to and include your intentions and complete contact information.

  • Next, order our tee shirts, 2, 10, 57, even 1838 at time!  Use the same ^ directions as those for buying tickets/making contributions. Shipping information within CONUS is $2/shirt up to $98.  After that, email for a quote.  Some shipping is even free!

  • Friends, AGenda Benda needs media sponsors and general, door prize, and silent auction prizes, too, not only for use at LYING in BED performances but also at gatherings where founder Cole Thomas assembles community women to…

  • Create art highlighting the necessity to better fund rescue efforts for enslaved and trafficked children and adults.  This art is designed primarily in the form of zines and sold at future silent auctions.  Some larger works may also be created and sold to organizations for additional seed money.  Proceeds go toward the purchase of materials for future workshops and for paid media time to discuss the entrenched and invisible nature of human trafficking and ways to help in search and rescue efforts.

  • Sexual Education on college campuses?  Yes, we do a little locally (GA), mostly to promote prevention of cancers, STD’s, HIV, HPV,  certain Herpes viruses.  Typically, we team with the college or university’s health and wellness programs, making the processes for marginalized citizens more accessible through EDUtainment.  Did we mention LYING in BED written by Cole Thomas and directed by TeeJay Johnson?  Please PayPal your payment or contribution to, and include your intentions and complete contact information.  Proactivity is smart activity.  #SmartOn #DRIVERwithaSmartOn #LiB  #LiBtheplay


IMG_20130321_083330  Closer than you think 45303_526915820683029_645980673_n

BOIS NEXT DOOR on website

Our BOIS NEXT DOOR tees are FREE when our masculine-identified fans post on our FB page

a picture of themselves at either an ANNUAL OB-GYN appointment (no private parts in the frame!) OR a pic of themselves attending a HEALTH FAIR.

(Our contributing vendor doesn’t have sizes over 2XL; so, you’ll receive a free copy of “At the Table” of “Tapestries of Faith” instead.)  #ReadyGO


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