Service and Collaboration


Advise Lambda Triangle Club at GA Perimeter College – Dunwoody

Blog Contributor at Hollaback! Atlanta

Collaborate with the Atlanta’s Gay Black Women Collective

Collaboration with Sex Positive Works (AGenda Benda Gear artist-activism)

Coordinate various online disease prevention and civil rights efforts (e.g.,

Deliver a monthly radio show on Blog Talk Radio:  The Hour-A-Month Activist

International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) Atlanta guest speaker 2012

Maintain Facebook page and Blog to facilitate conversation about human rights (e.g., health care opportunities and reform; women’s rights around sex and choice; domestic violence and street harassment prevention; marriage equality; research on the mentorship and validation of multiracial children; Gender-non-conforming people of color)

“No Buts.  Just So.  Song”  Meta-dialogue Campaign on Affirming Differences (AGenda Benda Gear artist-activism project)

Participate with the GA Safe Schools Coalition

Present Workshops at Creating Change Annual Conference

Present Workshops at Butch Voices Conference

Provide mediation for individual cases between families and schools or between two families through E.S.C.A.P.E.®

Research on Affirming Families and LGBTIQ Allies

Sponsor an ongoing collection of RIGHTovers® week long meal plans by and for single parents

Sponsor a tee-shirt give-away to promote preventive healthcare (AGenda Benda Gear artist-activism)